How to Disable ‘Clutter’ in Office 365 Mailboxes

What is a clutter feature and how it works:

Clutter means a store of several things to be collected in one place. The mailbox management consists of default features by the office 365 optional only for the introduction of a folder to move the less quality or little priority messages to be transferred from the inbox to the main clutter folder. This way, it will reduce the traffic and prioritize the messages in the inbox. Microsoft designs this feature for your inbox to get clear and identified in various forms. Clutter will analyze the email and remove the emails that are ignored from the past behavior, and are not important to be checked. So it moves to the folder clutter so they can review or check the messages when available.

Cleaning up:

The reason for the introduction of clutter boxes is that some users only rely upon the managing of the important mails. The clutter option and junk email filtered the messages before reaching them to the inbox. The junk email firstly shows a move in clearing them and prioritize them according to the user’s behaviors whereas clutter analyzes the messages begins and destined to the messages that are Important while filtered the ignore messages that are usually don’t considered by the users, Or they don’t respond or show towards the messages. Such as shopping sales, food brands, and others. So clutter feature is an optional feature for them.

 If you are using the clutter option then you can easily make changes or prioritize your items by it. You can use the clutter and mark the messages that are unusual by marking them as clutter or do not mark as clutter. The system will record the following information and help you in marking the similar messages that are being through on your mailboxes one more than at a time. ‘If you are using it as a client that the outlook app then you can simply mark items as the clutter or are clutter not and drag them into the clutter box.

 Moreover some of the users complained of not finding the specific message or mails in the inbox and ignore the clutter feature to check the mails. Checking the folder and finding the mails specifically in different folders will be totally time-consuming. So users considered disabling the feature in Microsoft 365.

How to Disable ‘Clutter’ in Office 365 Mailboxes

For disabling the clutter option in the Microsoft 365 follows the steps given below:

Open the PowerShell windows on the system. Mark the system connected to Microsoft 365 by using some steps:

  • Run the option first:

$User Credential = Get Credential

The system will further for the login credentials on Microsoft 365. Enter your name password and click the enter button to proceed with your login on Microsoft 365.

  • Now run the following on the system one after the other.

$Session = New-PS Session -Configuration Name Microsoft. Exchange -Connection Uri -Credential $User Credential -Authentication Basic -Allow Redirection

Import- PS Session $Session -Disable Namechecking

The Office 365 is officially connected through the PowerShell application and by executing this command you can now easily disable this feature for the office 365 messages and mailboxes.

  • For the single mailbox to proceed

Set-Clutter – Identity “user name” -Enable  $false

  • The double or multiple mail boxes to be proceed:

$users = “user name 1″,”user name 2”

For Each ($user in $users) {

Set-Clutter -Identity $user -Enable $false


  • disabling this feature to all the mailboxes on Microsoft 365 you can follow this step

Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Set-Clutter -Enable $false

How Can Office 365 can disable Clutter for the users?

The users and office 365 can disable the clutter box in the mailbox. Open the mailboxes and follow the steps given below.

  • Click the gear shaped appeared setting on the right side of the application, click it and make search the cluttered word. When clutter is available on the bar click on clutter option
  • Now check the mailboxes and identified the items and clear the mailboxes that are unusual or of no work. After making changes in the clutter box click further on the save settings to have the recent changes made to proceed further.
  • By clicking on it will disappear this clutter feature from the Microsoft 364 and further your messages will never get identified by the clutter messages. Your mailbox will consist of all the messages that were sent to you by different users.

The following above resolve the clutter option for disabling it. For administration they can disable it by using the PowerShell ongoing method and make commands through the PowerShell to disable in single or for multiple mailboxes whereas the office 365 for the users can follow the second way for disabling the clutter feature involves going on the setting features, search it and disable the feature easily.

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