How Microsoft 365 and Office 365 help HR professionals

Microsoft 365 also known as office 365 is a cloud-based platform that includes a wide variety of workplace tools that is why more and more companies are dependent on it. It includes Outlook, SharePoint, yammer, word, the power platform, and more than that. Microsoft 365 provides many benefits from efficiency to support collaboration for full-on digital support transformation. It has also been critical in some past months to facilitate the working during this pandemic going on.

It is a vast and efficient platform that provides and establishes a positive view for every organization. It is useful for various functions such as IT, HR, and communication. It is a professional and best platform for HR professionals because of the drive efficiencies it provides across the HR processes and support in a deeper length. It supports the HR-related objectives for example delivering a strong experience to the employee.

How does Microsoft 365 help HR professionals?

Microsoft 365 helps HR professionals by the following things:

Improve the employee experience:

The HR function recently increasing and recognize the employee overall experience with their employer across the factors such as hiring and attract new ones. The employee experience is engaging the employee and offer the value proposition to the new employee’s time at the company. Including the experience of the employer every day with the technology. Microsoft provides a better and digital experience every day improving procurement and development while enhances the positive environment and culture so it could be a better impact on the employee experience and work every day.

Supporting the work:

Platforms such as Microsoft 365 enable and become more flexible for the employees to work from anywhere by supporting the flexible working. The pandemic has increased the flexibility from work from home and even going further until and unless this pandemic will get over. Microsoft 365 giving employers to decide where they are comfortable to do work such as from home or anywhere so they can be comfortable and calm.

Efficiency and services:

The efficiency and service for the employers was the major priority of Microsoft 365 as its plays an effective role in transforming the core HR process to make it more easy and comfortable. This happens in various several ways. Such as

  • Providing employers to access the information and documents to drive the standard of HR practice all over the world.
  • Automation to streamline transactions and providing information to employers by using chat boxes.
  • Providing dashboards and workforce through power BI for people.
  • Providing tools and workflow by email-based process and information all around to drive the self-service for HR transactions for example annual leave booking or pressure off from the busy HR support system and teams.

Collaboration and understanding across the HR:

Microsoft consist of several different tools such as Microsoft teams, share point support to allow the HR team to communicate and coordinate in different activities and also perform access documents all over the world. In a large cultured organization with several locations, these tools help the HR team in working and collaborate as a team. they also help HR partners to use HR functions and collaborate in HR activities with their partners and drive the HR projects if necessary.

How does a platform like a Workspace 365 help HR professionals?

Microsoft 365 is no doubt the best supporting platform and one of the most powerful ones. As multiple tools facilitate the working, most of the work overall that is coordination or management is needed from the Microsoft 365. Many organization chooses and rely on the Microsoft 365 and also invest as a work product that sits on the Microsoft 365 and deliver the basic needs of the employers with a great experience. Workspace 365 platforms will be a great choice for the HR teams and they can create the type of experience of the employee they want while also taking the advantage of Microsoft 365.

Workplace 365 can help the HR teams in the following ways:

Providing access:

Workspace helps in providing keys to access the policies and documents to help drive the standardization of self-service. This will help in eliminating outdated documents.

Avoid multiple applications:

The one complaint from the employees is that they have to visit multiple applications to get all the information that takes a lot of time. For this workspace 365 has created an attractive and potential digital workplace access through single sign-on where employees can visit the different apps and get things done easier.

HR notifications:

Employers usually get exhausted by emails, requests, etc. the workplace has solved the issue by managing all the messages and requests in one place and allow the employees to carry tasks from a single place.

Support remote working:

Workspace 365has presented a secure environment where you can work easily from anywhere. the workspace is capable of adaption of anyone’s location, browser, etc.

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