How to Add Visio to your Office 365

Microsoft Visio has been a vector drawing and modeling application that is essential factor Microsoft Office suite. Shareware Corporation released the device for the first time in 1992. Microsoft bought it in the year 2000. It is a diagramming factor of the graphics application that will help you in creating professional diagrams that are further updated when data changes or is linked to data.

Visio-2013 concern for the Windows is offered in two versions from Microsoft: quality and standard. The interface for. The Basic and Pro editions have identical interfaces, but the Pro version offers extra features extra templates for several complicated diagrams, layouts, and other basic tools to make the work easier for  the users to connect the diagrams sector to the data sources while present their data visually. The Pro version adds three more diagram kinds, and more sophisticated rules, and sub-processing (diagram being breakdown). [4] Formal paraphrase the Visio Professional of the web is now also available as an add-on to the Office365 subscription. Visio in 2016 has been published on September 22, 2015, with MS Office 2016. Each communication with further Excel data, IRM based protection for the concern Visio files, modern forms for the office layout, briefly described shapes for the various site plans, up to date shapes for blueprints, modernized shapes for the home plans, more IEEE compliant diagrams and shapers as for further making electrical diagrams, a current style of start diagrams, and various new several themes for Visio pro online interface are the basic advanced functionality. Visio database modeling relies on a (DMD).

Visio is a Microsoft office part but not included in the Microsoft 365 package basics. You have to further pay the extra fee to use it daily, but can include the free trial of the Visio and see how it can be useful for you. It provides 1 plan that further provides Visio online but not on the desktop application. This is a simple process if you are already subscribed to office 365 and wanted to try the Visio. Several sites give one access to Visio to active the users but active users give a licensing bulk option. Further, the wizard of adding and concluding the user license is shown in office 365, after the Visio trail the admin center has been set up. Several methods are more described in the peters book of office 365 from the scratch.

File Configuration

VSD, the unique twice file format, was utilized in all prior versions of Visio. Visio 2010 includes supporting for VDX consist file type, and it’s a well XML (“DatadiagramML”) diagram format, though it still defaults to VSD. Visio 2013 removes functionality for creating the VDX files format in favoring of creating the newest VSDX file types, which are now used by default. A VSDX, VSDM format file is made up of a collection of XML consisting files stored inside a Folder and is based on the Open Packaging (OPC) (ISO 29500, Part 2).

The only difference between VSDX with the VSDM format files is the VSDM files can contain macros. Because the files neglected to macro viruses, the application protects them with rigorous security. VDX is not compressed, but VSD files are encoded using LZW- loss compression. As a result, a VDX format file often consumes more than 3 times the storage space. VSDX, VSDM format files are compressed in the same way as the Zip files are. Visio also allows you to save files in several SVG format, other diagramming formats, and pictures. Pictures, on the other hand, can’t be viewed.

Add Visio to your office 365:

Adding the Visio pro online to office 365 has done the same way as for the project pro online. Following are some of the steps to make the account:

Connect to office 365:

Connect it to the tenant first. Open the browser and go to the portal and sign in.

Adding the vision pro online:

Choose the version if you desire to choose one, and you can proceed the version that will be the same. As you are connected to the Microsoft 365 tenant, there is another option to add the Visio to our account.


1 month trial with the 25 licenses is a great deal and click on the trial now to confirm your order and create the account. But after a 1-month trial, you have to pay for it.

Order receipt:

Lately, you will be provided with the order receipt, click on continue for accepting the order receipt, and overview the further details to be noted.

Verification of Visio pro online:

Back to the page of the office 365 tab. The billing or navigate subscription on the left panel will be available. You can add a subscription and the billing method you want. Now the Visio pro online is added to the Microsoft 356 subscription. You can further edit the enable Visio and product licenses. After signing in the Visio pro online now you can install the application for their account.

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