Windows 10 Red Screen

How to Fix Windows 10 Red Screen Error

Windows 10 Red Screen Error is an error which generally occurs in the Microsoft Windows operating system. When your PC undergoes such innocuous problem, your Windows 10 OS will shut down automatically. It is mainly coined by the early testers who, in 2005 acknowledged this red screen as a dangerous error.

Windows 10 Red Screen of Death does not occur frequently. It means that you will come across this error in rare cases. But it does not bury its fatal effects on Windows 10. It is more deadly than Blue Screen Error. Users will not allow doing anything after the occurrence of this Windows 10 Red Screen Error as they cannot access their operating system. Also Know How to fix Windows 10 blue screen error

Cases of Windows 10 Red Screen of Death

  • Windows 10 Red Screen Error causes of a poor connection with damaged monitor cable.
  • The bad connection can also rupture your hardware system. Consequently, it can cause both blue and red screen errors in your Windows.
  • Red Screen of Death caused by the issues emerges while updating the drivers.
  • You’re UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) and BIOS (Basic Input and Output System) are not performing in the best way.
  • Generally, this error occurs when users put too many locks on different settings.
  • Installation of new hardware or software on your operating system.
  • Your older version of the OS can malfunction anytime.

Common Issues Faced by Users When Windows 10 Red Screen Error Appears

Users have to deal with a pack of difficulties when this Windows 10 Red Screen of Death appears on their operating system.

  • Users become unable to access the Windows operating system
  • Your operating system can crash anytime when this error appears on your PC
  • It can even damage your computer permanently
  • Overheating of your CPU. As a result, it can unstable the functioning of your computer

These are the few issues which can cause you a great amount of difficulty. But you do not need to worry as you can fix this problem on your own.

Steps to fix Windows 10 Red Screen of Death

Method 1: Remove Overclock settings

  • Excessive overclocking can modify the settings of hardware which can damage your CPU and hardware for a long time. So, it is recommendable to remove overclock settings.

Method 2: Update BIOS/UEFI

  • The process of BIOS/UEFI updating is not an easy to perform. Even a small mistake can rupture your OS. So, it is beneficial to read all the instructions carefully to update the system properly.

Method 3: Uninstall softOSD software

  • Click Start button and choose settings
  • Click on system and select apps and features
  • Find the software and click uninstall button

Method 4: Change the setting.ini file

  • Open documents and find settings.ini file
  • Find and save all the modifications

Windows 10 Red Screen Error

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