How to Fix Error of windows 10 with Windows Update Troubleshooter

windows 10 black screen without cursor

How to Fix Error of windows 10 with Windows Update Troubleshooter

Windows is the Most significant part of the Computer. Windows is the part of the Microsoft, and the Microsoft is providing the free service for the Updating the Operating system of the windows But sometimes because of some technical issues it occurs and the updation is not complete for this windows update troubleshooter is the best option for all the users. This problem is mostly happening in the latest Windows 10. The Microsoft is day by day introduce many updates in the windows 10. If updating not done correctly, so it gives the Error code also. The user can not do another work in their system.

windows update troubleshooter

How To fix the windows 10 update problems

The user of the Windows 10 has faced many issues while using the Windows 10 Especially while the Windows 10 is updating. If you are facing this type of several problems such as windows 10 update problems, then you can read the below points. May this point will help you to fix your 10 update problems

Solution1: Re-Create the Windows Update Store Folder

The First option to fix the problem is that You have to create the Windows update Store Folder again. This file located where the windows stores downloaded is updated.

  1. In the First step Press the Windows+R keys.
  2. After this, You see that Run Command Box is open.
  3. Then Type the Services.msc in the Cmd Box.
  4. Click Enter.
  5. After this Right click on the Windows Update Service.
  6. Then Hit on the Stop.
  7. Go to the Windows Explorer.
  8. Then Navigate to C:\windows Folder.
  9. First Choose then Delete the SoftwareDistribution Folder.
  10. Again Start your device.
  11. Then, Download the Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.
  12. Last Time Reboot your System.
  13. Finally, Check and install the Windows Updates.

Solution2: Cross Check and Fix the Error in the Hard Disk

  1. If your Hard Disk is not working correctly and if it had some errors then. For this fix, you have to fix the Errors.
  2. Go to the Command prompt But as an Administrator.
  3. In the Cmd prompt. Enter the following Command( Chkdsk/f)
  4. Tap on the Enter.

How To fix the Black windows 10 black screen without cursor

If windows 10 black screen without cursor problem occurs in your system and you can resolve this error. The user is not able to use the System. Then in this situation, you have to Restart your Computer. After this unplug all the External devices.

Otherwise, If Error has still existed and troubles you then Boot your system in a Safe mode.

If you want to Boot the system, then you can follow the Following steps.

  1. The first step to Restart your system
  2. Sign-in is displayed
  3. Press the Shift tab.
  4. Select the power and Restart.
  5. While the system is Restart Select an options
  6. choose the option of the troubleshooting
  7. Select on the possibilities of the Advanced.
  8. Tap on the Startup settings options.
  9. Again choose Restart option
  10. After the System is Restart. The user sees the opportunity on the Screen.
  11. For the Safe mode with networking select the 5 or F5.

For the More Query or Help you can connect with the Windows 10 Support team. For the help or support dial Window 10 Drivers Support Number. The 1-888-909-0535 is the Toll-Free number, which is 24×7 active for their customer.