Update for Microsoft Office Setup will Work only on Windows 10 in 2019


Update for Microsoft Office Setup will Work only on Windows 10 in 2019

As we all know Microsoft is offering the latest update on Microsoft Office 2019. There are some criteria which revealed you will require to upgrade to Window 10 when you need the newest version of Microsoft Office Setup without subscribing to the company’s Microsoft office service.

Everybody assuming it as it clearly developed to push businesses of an organization that are holding off on office 365 into subscriptions. As the standalone Office 2019 software will only be help on Window 10. But not applicable to Window 7 or 8.1 devices.

This upgradation will not affect www.office.com/setup for Mac, which is a single separated item with a  various release schedule. Microsoft is also altering the help lifecycle for Office 2019. Microsoft software is also extending its support for Windows 10 for education and enterprise customers working specific versions of the operating system.

How to change Default Web Browser of Windows 10


If you recently installed the latest browser and it switched default browser settings while installing it.

Do you want to change default browser to any other browser of your own choice? This is really simple and easily can be done in less time.

We all know that Window 10 bring with a pre-installed Microsoft Edge browser, which launches naturally if you click on email URLs shortcuts. Still, if you prefer any other browser, for example, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, etc. Then, you may desire to set that browser as default. Otherwise, you can set it as default browser while installing a browser and want to change back to the last one. There are a various method to changing the default browser settings.

You can easily change your browser default settings for several web browsers is mentioning below. You can take help from given steps to alter your system setting yourself.

Google Chrome Browser

If you want to make Google Chrome as your default web browser, follow the given steps:

  • Firstly Launch the “Google Chrome” web browser.
  • Leading to the “Chrome” menu from the top right corner of the display.
  • Now choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu button.
  • Search the “Default browser” option and select it.
  • Present you have to choose “Make Google Chrome the default browser” to make Google Chrome as a default browser.

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