What is BSOD?Blue screen of death windows 10

Blue screen of death windows 10

What is BSOD?Blue screen of death windows 10

BSOD is the Blue screen of death windows 10. It is a standard problem which occurs when you are trying to run the window 10. These are the main problem which user face much time. If you are working on the windows 10, then this error suddenly occurs. In this error, your computer runs into the blue screen. This is some time damage your system. This error not only occur in Windows 10. It also occurs in the Windows 7 or 8.

There are many solutions to Blue screen of death windows 10

Windows 10 Blue Screen Error have many solutions to resolve this error read this blog:

I solution to this problem

You can also to face the mistake in the memory errors. There is tool Window Memory Diagnostics through this you can check the memory errors. This tool also fixes the error such as if a mistake in your RAM so this tool automatically fix it without giving you any problem. The step to use this Tool is :

1)The first step is to search the tool which is known as memory diagnostic in your search box after this click on the Enter button. And then this tool is run on your windows 10.

2)Now hit on the Restart option which you see on your screen & check all the problems.

3)Finally, after this tool check all the errors or issue which is the reason for the  Blue screen and troubleshoot all the problems.

II solution to this problem

The second solution for Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death is related to your system file. In this solution, you have to check the System File. There is some system file which is also a  reason of the BSOD(Blue Screen Of Death) in the windows 10. Through the system file, the error occurs mostly at the startup of the windows 10.

For the resolution of all problem here is the best Tool available in the market which is known as a System File Checker tool. Through this tool, you can see that on your laptop or pc there is any corrupted or damaged file is turning which gives the error blue display to run this tool.

Follow the following step:

1)open the Run Box.to open this press Windows+R.

2) than in the box type CMD & stroke ok for the command prompt.

3)then you have to write in a command prompt SFC/Scannow and hit enter. For performing this cmd means command.

Now finally you see some system files which are improper for you windows then System File Checker would automatically correct them.and after this you can run windows 10.

III solution to this problem

The next solution for Blue screen of death windows 10 error is Update the Drivers in your system. For smoothly work. Always try that all your driver will correctly be updated. Through this process, your system works properly and smoothly. So after this, the blue screen error does not occur in your windows ten system. This update option you can find on your manufacturer site.

Some driver which is essential to update is first is AMD, then the Graphics card driver or NVIDIA driver or last but not the least is the network driver. The update of all this driver is significant so always manage the update of all these drivers