How to Resolve OneDrive sync issues on Windows 10

OneDrive sync issues

How to Resolve OneDrive sync issues on Windows 10

As we all know OneDrive is an essential part of Windows. Microsoft OneDrive sync issues are the most common error while using Microsoft OneDrive Services. Plenty of people find themselves in a dilemma as they don’t know how to fix OneDrive sync issues on Windows 10. In this blog, you will get quick solutions as our experts discussed the method to fix OneDrive sync issues on Windows 10. You can dial Microsoft OneDrive Support Number 1-888-909-0535 tollfree for Microsoft OneDrive Support and get a quick solution.

Method 1:

Reboot the OneDrive Desktop app

There is an issue in Microsoft OneDrive procedure, so with the help of restarting the service could possibly fix the issue. So, there are some effective steps are as follows:

  • Firstly, Right-tap on the OneDrive icon mentioned in the taskbar.
  • After that, click Exit.
  • Then, move to search, type one drive and open OneDrive.
  • Test when you are able to sync your data again.

Method 2:

Ensure your OneDrive Account is associated with Windows.

When your Window 10 is not associated with your account, then OneDrive will not work. So, In some condition, you turned off to the local account. You have to go back to Microsoft Account to make OneDrive working. Finally, here are the steps to do that, in a condition you are not confirmed.

  • Firstly, go to the Start Menu and then open Settings
  • After that, go to Accounts and then your account
  • Then, Choose Sign in with a MS account instead
  • Pursue the guidances, Sign out and after that sign in again to design OneDrive working.

Method 3:

Reset OneDrive Settings

  • Firstly, click on the OneDrive available on the taskbar
  • After that, tap Settings and then Unlink them
  • Then, pursue the instructions in Welcome to OneDrive wizard to configure OneDrive again.

Method 4:

Disable your firewall/antivirus

Your security software like a firewall, antivirus tools may sometimes block OneDrive from syncing. Of course, the easiest and quick solution to resolve this error is to switch off your firewall or antivirus. When the procedure of sync accomplishes successfully, you have to recognize the reasons behind the issue. Never forget to enable your firewall and antivirus protection as soon as you have already sync your resources.

Hopefully, this blog becomes really helpful as we have mentioned effective methods to solve OneDrive sync issues. When you have any type of issues or doubts, get in touch with us by dialing 1-888-909-0535 Microsoft OneDrive Support Number for Microsoft OneDrive Customer Support and get your issues fixed instantly.