How to Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4?

Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4

How to Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4?

Generally, Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4 appears when Office 365 attempts to conduct any updates. You cannot open your Microsoft Words program smoothly as MS Word has become disabled due to the installation of Microsoft Suite on your computer.

This error can occur anytime, which can exist on the permanent basis. Therefore, it is the time to fix Microsoft Office Error 1058-4 on an immediate basis with the help of the steps in this blog. Besides, we will also discuss the root causes and symptoms of this technical error.

Main Causes of Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4

There are several factors which are responsible for the occurrence of Office Error Code 1058-4 and are mentioned below.

  • Antivirus Software: Existing program of any Antivirus software and firewall can block the process of the installation of MS Word and result in the arrival of this error.
  • Internet Connection: Sometimes, improper internet connection and the proxy may prevent the Office installation.
  • Pre-Existing Version: It can also block the installation of the latest version of Microsoft Office.
  • Incomplete Installation: It can lead to the arrival of this error code on your Windows screen.

Symptoms of Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4

  • The process of Microsoft Office installation may stop in an abrupt
  • Continuous occurrence of this message code on your screen
  • The performance of your system can become sluggish

Steps to Fix Microsoft Office Error Code 1058-4

Step 1: Disable Firewall

  • Go to Control Panel in the Start Menu
  • Then go to System and Security
  • Navigate to Windows Firewall
  • Hit on Turn Windows Firewall On or Off
  • Choose Firewall turn off option for private and public network
  • After if try to install and update Microsoft Office

Step 2: Turn off Antivirus Software

  • Open existing antivirus software application on your system
  • ‘Hit on settings and go to real-time protection
  • Disable real-time protection
  • Go to antivirus firewall and disable it
  • Click YES for the confirmation and try to install Office

Step 3: SFC Scan

  • Unlock command prompt in the administrative privileges
  • Enter sfc/scannow and press Enter
  • Scan will begin and you should not close the command prompt till its completion
  • After it proceeds with the process of installation of Office

Step 4: Repair Registry

  • Open the Registry Editor
  • Delete older version of registry key

Step 5: Removal and Installation

  • Go to Start Menu and open Control Panel
  • Hit on uninstall programs
  • Find Microsoft Office in the list and uninstall it
  • Then install Microsoft Office with running Office Set up

Please feel free to contact us at our toll-free Microsoft Office Technical Support Number. Our technicians will help you to solve this problem with reliable results.